An Indica Vs. Sativa Marijuana Growing Competition

When many cannabis users think of which marijuana strain is better, they tend to focus on indica versus sativa. indica or the “warm” marijuana strain is more often thought of as a milder alternative to the psychoactive sativa. The two marijuana strains most often used by consumers are Indica and Sativa. However, there is a growing number of people who are choosing Indica over Sativa. Why is that?
When most consumers think of Indica Vs. Sativa , they tend to think of physically sedating marijuana strains such as Cheese, Bud, Coney, and White Chocolate. Sativa, on the other hand, is known for uplifting effects, often through stimulating the brain with its own chemicals. When you think about the physical differences between indica and sativa, it is easy to see why uplifting properties of sativa would be more popular than the opposite for indica. Sativa effects peak when the herb is smoked. However, in oral consumption of the herb, the peak effect is usually achieved after an extended period of time, such as three to five hours after ingestion. This means that Indica users get their most uplifting effects after they have spent a relaxing evening.
The reason why indica gets such a kick is because of its remarkable similarity to the landrace strains of cannabis, which have been developed centuries ago. Landrace strains tend to be uplifting because they contain a large amount of THC, which is the mind-altering ingredient found in marijuana. It has been determined that THC performs the most important job in marijuana, which is keeping the plants active and “psyched up.” This makes the high feel very pleasant and unlike many other strains of the plant, it can last longer during the peak experience, so users do not have to worry about being high for as long as they want the effects to keep kicking in.
But what about sativa? It should be noted that all strains of cannabis are essentially the same, but each one has been crossed and recreated in different ways to create hybrid strains. The most popular type of hybrid is called ruderalis plants, which are a cross between sativa and indica. Most sativa-type plants are crossed with ruderalis and then bred to produce a “hybrid” which will result in a new strain with two active chemicals ( THC and CBD, also known as CBDs) instead of just one. These two chemicals are better able to counteract the psychoactive effects of THC, which is why they are more popular and prescribed by doctors more frequently than indica.
There is more to selecting a good strain of cannabis than simply following a set of instructions. Many people who begin experimenting with cannabis are quick to weed out whichever strain they find lacks their liking; this is generally because the particular strain they are drawn to has a lot of hybrid potential. However, the most important trait to look for is terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that can vary from one particular strain to another, but they are usually found in only one or two types of hybrid cannabis, including sativa and ruderalis.
Tolerable, medicinal marijuana is easier to come by these days than it has ever been before. With more consumers demanding a more natural, healthier product, manufacturers are scrambling to make products that can help people relieve the discomfort of certain ailments while still getting high. Two of the hottest selections right now include Indica and Sativa. Although it is possible to find high quality cannabis products that contain both sativa and indica, the two strains should never be confused. A true Indica grower will focus on increasing THC levels and reducing CBD ratios, while a Sativa grower will be looking to increase THC levels while reducing the levels of CBD.