How Amazon account registration works

The sell and purchase of various goods and services online has now become the preferred way to do business by most people. To buy online, you have to choose credible sites like Amazon which have a solid track record for customer satisfaction. Selling on amazon is easy as you get notification for the products purchased and the address where they are to be shipped. Once the amazon fee has been deducted, you can get your balance in your account. As a business, venturing to be part of the vast Amazon sellers’ networks will require you to finish up registration first before other things. These are the steps to cover for successful amazon new seller registration as explained in

GST registration

There are a lot of items that traders sell which are not included in the GST agreement. In this case, selling them will not need you to work on GST registration. This registration is however necessary for you if you sell products that are under the goods and services tax conditions as demanded by most states. You must therefore be able to define your business at this stage for an easy time selling online.

Register your business

All businesses need to be registered to be lawful recognized by the states they operate in. You should register your business as partnership to Amazon network for limited liability protection. It could be disastrous to take all the risk as a business and therefore registering for limited liability protection could give you some relief in case scandals happen.

Contact details

To mitigate frauds and scammers online, ecommerce websites have been directed to provide every reasonable contact details they can for their business. For most business, this means that you not only give the phone number and email addresses but also your physical location as a business which will have to be verified. In case of any issues or inquiries, clients can easily get hold of you.