Ice Cream Strain: Ultimate Guide About Its Essential Features

It is a plant-based product that is used for relaxation and calm feelings in the body. It is obtained from marijuana but does not have any harmful effects on the body because CBD content in the product is zero percent. Apart from this, the product is mainly made from Sativa and Indica. The data contained in the product is 40%, whereas Indica content is 60%. Talking about THC, it is only 22%, thus minimize the high level in the body.
It got the name ice cream because it is a sweet product, and it is abundantly available in several flavors. The most important flavors of ice cream strain are Vanilla and pine, thus making it a great choice for sweet tooth people. Here we are talking about its composition, color, and Aroma. In some countries, it is also considered a dessert because it is cool creamy and sweet.
• Do Not Melt In Scorching Summer
All properties and features match with ice cream, but the best part about using an ice-cream strain is that it does not melt in summer. You can easily enjoy it for as long as you want on a hot sunny day also. The Indica and the Sativa content in the ice cream don’t let it be made sooner. It is more than and velvety in touch and sweet in taste, making it a great alternative for ice cream that can also relieve stress.
• The Appearance Of Ice Cream Strain
Talking about the appearance of an ice cream strain, it is white and creamy. It’s white creamy, and velvety texture has got it the name ice cream. It can give you a feeling of snow which is fresh and seems very soft. It is a deep-rooted plant that has several fan-like leaves. These leaves and their deep roots give them a hairy appearance of orange and yellow color.