Types of services for skip tracing real estate owners

You have a lot of options for skip-tracing software. Most online services search through public databases and provide a report with the data available.
Some private investigators offer skip-tracing services for real estate, too. They can provide access to data that you can’t find in a public database. This information tends to be the most accurate and in-depth, and it may be overkill for investors.
The cost of skip tracing for real estate
How much you should expect to pay for skip-tracing tools depends on the data you want and how often you plan on using the service.
Skip-trace tools also have different price models, depending on which one you go with:
Per record
These services will charge a certain amount for each property owner searched. The price per record may vary depending on the amount of data you’re getting.
Monthly fee
If you plan on doing a lot of searches, you may want to go with a service that charges a monthly fee. Some companies offer unlimited searches while others have packages with different limits.
Hourly rate
If you have to hire somebody to do the skip tracing, you may have to pay them per hour. In this case, the amount you pay will depend on how difficult the information is to find on each person.
The value of real estate skip tracing
What is skip tracing in Real Estate owners can provide you with investment opportunities you may not find otherwise. Having the right data available can provide insight that will help you in negotiating the best deal for yourself. Finding the right deals is essential for real estate investing, and skip tracing makes this a lot easier.
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