What is Naturopath Melbourne

Pillar Health and Wellness has quickly established itself as a leading natural medicine clinic in Melbourne, Vic. With a strong focus on individual health care you can be assured your health and wellbeing is our first priority. Located in Malvern East, our Naturopathic clinic – has a team of highly qualified and experienced naturopaths that Melbourne locals have come to depend on. Working alongside an allied health team of practitioners our aim as a holistic health clinic is to provide solid foundations to build health and inspire wellness. There is no better time to discover how our wellness services can help you today.
What is Naturopathy?
The practice of Melbourne Naturopathy is a holistic and evidence based approach to wellness which uses the healing power of nature to promote the body’s own innate ability to renew and repair. The aim of naturopathy is to regain this equilibrium or ‘balance’ that is lost in times of illness. It is our naturopaths goal to identify the causes of this imbalance and provide effective strategies to support your body back into alignment, supporting health and wellbeing.
By providing the right system of support your body can not only be free of symptoms and disease but ultimately thrive in health. We welcome you to experience how our naturopath services can truly make you feel well.
How does naturopathy work?
At Pillar Health, we love helping clients apply simple strategies to nourish, nurture and support your body. Using evidence based natural medicine, our naturopaths uses an integrated approach to your health that is personalised to reflect your current health status and individual wellness goals.
We recognises the body as a whole entity focusing your treatment on diet and lifestyle changes, physical and emotional support through herbal medicine, nutritional medicine and natural therapies to ensure you receive the best treatment outcomes for your health.
By committing to using an integrative approach, we skilfully blends the traditions of naturopathic philosophy with today’s evidence based methods to ensure your best health outcomes are achieved. She may use a range of in clinic naturopathic techniques, in clinic testing, pathology and functional testing, together with Genomic Wellness (DNA testing) to help personalise and streamline your treatment plan.