Car Hire in Majorca – Tailor Made to Suit Your Needs

Car rental services are widely available throughout the region of Majorca with the most popular cities being Almeria and Marbella. Rental cars can be found in more than 35 places around the region of Majorca. There are also car hire companies that offer airport transfer services at the airport and these companies also provide car hire in Majorca. Car hire begins as low as 11 days for a single car. The longer distance requires a week or two longer for a rental car.
While on holiday in Majorca, there is no shortage of things to do, with many things to explore the gorgeous beaches of the island. Most visitors who choose to rent a car hire in majorca opt for the chic beaches of Palma including Palma Santa, Playa de las Teresitas and Torremolinos. The resorts of this island have white sandy beaches and inviting waters to relax in and enjoy. The resort of Torremolinos boasts some of the best restaurants and bars in the island as well as some of the finest beaches for snorkelling and other water sports.
While strolling along the beach you will come across stalls offering some of the most delicious seafood you will ever taste. For a real taste of the local culture, try some of the authentic Madeiran food which is made using local ingredients such as rice, fish and potatoes. Along with local produce, there are some great restaurants and cafes offering food of almost every kind. If you wish to spend a little extra and book yourself a luxury car hire in Majorca, there are many car hire companies offering holidays to Majorca complete with airport transfers from the airport as well as airport transfers to your hotel. For an additional charge, some companies may even provide you with car hire in Majorca all around the island and this will allow you to visit neighbouring islands like Granada, Menorca and Ibiza.
If you are considering a holiday on the island then it is best to book your car hire in Majorca before you arrive. The reason why is because once you get there, the availability of car hire at the airport can be so limited that if you do not book yourself a car before you arrive the wait can be even longer! Once you have collected all your documents, booked yourself a room and arranged for any necessary repairs prior to arrival, you can simply drive the next day into the city and jump in the car or go out in a car rental. Once you arrive at the mallorca airport you will find that there is a wide range of transport available to you. If you are not looking to rent a car but merely need a taxi to get around the island then there are plenty of companies who offer this service.
On the east coast of Mallorca there is the picturesque Es Vedra de Mallorca, which is perfect for families looking for a relaxing family day out. From here you can drive along the famous Es Vedra beach, stop for meals in one of the many restaurants or simply relax on the beach as the waves crash onto the shoreline. Just outside of Mallorca there is another great beach which is the Golf de Mallorca. Here you can take in some exciting tournaments such as the Tour de Mallorca but also enjoy some magnificent views and fantastic scenery.
For those that want to get away from the busy, bustling beaches there is the tranquil south of Mallorca, which is perfect for those looking to go off the beaten track. This is an area of stunning countryside which is dotted with small, outstandingly beautiful farmhouses and quaint little villages. Most of these are within easy reach of the Golf de Mallorca, which makes it ideal for a weekend break for many. The majority of the car hire providers offering this service will provide cars such as Minicons, SMGs and hatchbacks. These vehicles are all highly affordable and a great way to see some of the hidden beauty of this glorious island.