Speech Therapist Training

If you are looking for a speech therapist in Edmonton, Canada, I can help! I’ve been a speech therapist for 27 years and a speech pathologist for the past 15. I used to work in a school in Edmonton, Canada, but I left the teaching profession 3 years ago to pursue speech pathology full time. I love this country, the people, the weather ( Alberta winters are bearable as compared to Ontario winters) and the healthcare system.
I started out as a speech therapist in a school in Strathmore, PA. The school was about an hour from my home in Strathmore, so I would drive there and take the short bus or walk. My first few weeks of employment were tough, but that changed when I moved to Calgary. The climate is friendlier to speech therapists than it used to be. Also, the schools in Calgary are much more likely to have a full-time speech therapist on staff. As a result, I’ve seen many wonderful young patients and they leave speech pathology with a better sense of their capabilities and a more confident self-image than they may have if they had gone to a smaller town.
I enjoy helping people with articulation issues, fluency issues, stuttering issues and communication disorders. My area of practice is articulation and fluency therapy, which is why I feel most comfortable working in that area. But I also love working with voice-based languages such as Scottish Gaelic, Welsh or Italian. Some of my patients have been completely healed after only one therapy session! The range of therapy is broad, but I like to treat all levels: childhood, adult, early recovery or chronic illness.
As a speech therapist edmonton and speech pathologist, I am a social worker, which means that I work with a variety of people from the public and private sector. I see a wide range of clients who are struggling to deal with mental health and/or cognitive issues. Some speak very little; some struggle with basic communication skills or have learning challenges. Some have speech difficulties that limit them socially. Some have physical challenges such as arthritis or Lou Gehrig’s disease. Whatever the challenge, I can usually find a way to help them find a way out of it.
As a speech therapist and speech pathologist, I am involved in the occupational therapy, or occupational health profession, which emphasizes prevention, early detection, effective treatments and rehabilitation. It is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Canadian healthcare industry. Because it is focused on prevention, I can often speak with parents before a child is born or before the parents have a chance to realize that their child may need speech therapy. I can also speak with teachers and educators before they have a child who is suspected of having a speech or language disorder.
If you’re looking for a career as a speech therapist and speech pathologist in Edmonton, there are many jobs available. The Internet allows me to find jobs all over the city and even across the country. When you are looking for a great career and you have a love of children, this is an ideal job for you. If you are nervous about your new job or not sure what you want to do, look no further than speech therapists in Edmonton.